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Colombian Film Week

To celebrate the 2017 France-Colombia Year, the Embassy of Colombia in Thailand and Alliance Française Bangkok teamed up to organized the Colombian Film Week in Bangkok.
The event took place from November 6th to 10th 2018 at AF Cinema. (more…)

Beyond Reality Fest 2017

For 3 days, the Alliance Française of Bangkok becomes a place of exchange and experimentation with the first edition of BEYOND REALITY FEST. (more…)

One stop in Bangkok, a Gilles Rieu’s exhibition

Since May 22th 2017, Alliance Française’s gallery hosts Gilles Rieu’s fabulous artwork.

After Jerusalem, New York, Ho Chi Minh City, Hiroshima, Cotonou, Montreal, San Francisco et Guangzhou, this “Globe Painter” decided to stop by Bangkok for an exhibition on the dividing line between reality and fantasy. 

Hurry up, you have until June 11th 2017 to discover this fascinating exhibition!


Escape, a fabulous contemporary dance show

On Thursday May 25th 2017, Alliance Française audience attended the excellent performance of Bangkok City Ballet dancers and Deuxième Vague company, which is the result of a Thai-French-Swiss collaboration.  (more…)

Alliance Ciné opening

On March 8th 2017, the Ambassador of France in Thailand, Gilles Garachon, and the President of Alliance Française Bangkok, Doctor Jingjai Hanchanlash, have proudly opened Alliance Française’s new digital cinema!



European Languages Café 2016

September, 26th was the annual European Languages Café at the Portuguese Embassy, on the Chao Praya River.

For the record, this event took place for the first time in 2012, thanks to the European Union Delegation initiative, in order to celebrate the European day of Languages. (more…)

Exhibition: Bangkok mon amour by Virginie Broquet

Bache-Bangkok-Mon-Amour-2016-09-webFrom 8th to 25th of September, Virginie Broquet exhibited “Bangkok Mon Amour” at Alliance Française Bangkok.

For the opening, the artist presented her new book “Suzy Wong and the Spirits” and gave a signing session. (more…)

Photo exhibition: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – Passions & Inspirations

Bache des Hommes et des Temples 2016-03-26Delve into the world of historical photographs recounting the great adventures of the aviation pioneers of Latécoère, the first French airmail company founded in 1918 by Pierre-Georges Latécoère, which would later be known as Aéropostale.

Held in partnership with the Antoine de Saint Exupéry Youth Foundation and the Latécoère Foundation, this photo exhibition features legendary pilots such as Saint-Exupéry (author of The Little Prince), Mermoz and Guillaumet, who were brought together by Latécoère in the 1920s.


Fête de la musique 2016

The “Fête de la Musique” (“Music Day”) is a worldwide music celebration, taking place each year on June, 21st. Its purpose is to promote amateur and professional artists. Free events focused on Music are organised to make them accessible to the public.

On June 18th, 2016, the Embassy of France to Thailand, in partnership with Alliance Française Bangkok, organized a multidisciplinary “Music Day”, including four Thai live bands (My life as Ali Thomas, Jelly Rocket, Monomania, DCNXTR), a film screening, a seminar about the impact of digitalization on Music Industry, a workshop for young audience, a mini-market and other activities.


Photo exhibition: insights into the myriad issues of the Thai-Myanmar border

fr31From June 9th to 23th, in partnership with  HCTC, Alliance Française Bangkok presented the photographic work of Timothy Sirota, about the Thai-Myanmar border, 10 years of media production: films on landmines, trafficking elephants to satiate tourist demand, advocacy films on the right of refugees to know what their future might hold, maternal health films guiding mountain people towards better medical practice and away from traditions like inducing birth with bamboo poles. Films on Burmese migrant education and abandoned children at the SAW orphanage, Prix 3 recognition for reportage photojournalism on the abuse of children’s and the dark world of bareknuckle kickboxing.


French singer Raphael concert at Alliance Française Bangkok!

Raphael - Bangkok - 24 mai copieOrganized in partnership with UFE, the French singer Raphael gave this first concert in Thailand to a full house. He managed to captivate the audience not only with his voice but also with his powerful lyrics.

He ended the show with the song Caravane, in front of an enthralled public, where his girlfriend, the actrice Mélanie Thierry, where standing with their son. (more…)

« Pêcheurs de rêves » (fishermen of dreams) – The Recital

retouche 4This concert was presented as part of the festival Fête de la Francophonie 2016, on March 19th.

Beware: Laurent Brunetti and Mario Pacchioli awaken our dormant childhood.

“It’s true: Things change.” But Laurent Brunetti’s words, which have been so softly put to music by Mario Pacchioli, gently stir the muddled memories that lay deep into the recesses of our dormant childhood. And then they bring back the time when words took shape and arose secret and mysterious feelings deep into each of us. A concert filled with emotional peaks and valleys staged by these fishermen of audacious dreams. (more…)

Blocco Malagasy concert at Alliance Française!

f43Musicians of the NGO Bel Avenir will perform in Bangkok during the organization’s third Southeast Asian tour. On the theme of “Drumming for Responsible Tourism,” 10 drummers will stage a unique performance, sharing their enthusiasm and energy during the festival Fête de la francophonie, which is celebrated throughout the world by countries with a French heritage.

Bell Avenir is a Malagasy NGO working since 2003 for sustainable development in southern Madagascar. Its goal is to improve the lives of marginalized people and especially children and their families through education as a driving force for development.

Madagascar will host this year the international Sommet de la Francophonie meeting attended by the heads of member states. (more…)

WAB at Alliance Française!

IMG_2064Alone on stage WAB comes along with a vocal looper which he has been performing live for more than fifteen years.

This new show Fruit of The Loop invites us in the personal universe of the singer beat boxer blend of Afro-American, jazz, tribal musics…

Funk, Soul, Pop are his childhood musics.

The a cappella melodies shapes an universal sound in the lineage of Bobby Mc Ferrin, and creates an intimacy between a sensitive voice and the public.
WAB enjoys creating sounds with his voice, and images with his body by drawing a movement accompanying the melody and giving a poetic way to the show.
In harmony with a “human” musical lifestyle, WAB spreads out a message of tolerance and a celebration of the childhood remaining in each of us.

“ We need all the colors to make the light shines! “ – WAB


Concert La Grande Sophie at Alliance Française!

IMG_4631Awarded the “Victoire de la musique” for her album La Place du fantôme, in 2013; the Académie Charles Cros grand prize for her album Des vagues et des ruisseaux, in 2009; the “Victoire de la musique” as stage revelation of the year for 2005; plus her last four albums going gold: La Grande Sophie has become one of France’s leading artists.

Her latest and seventh album Nos histoires tells her story better than any other. (more…)

Exhibition Val at Alliance Française

IMG_4743copyFrom November 17, 2015, we could admire Val’s sculptures made of bronze in Alliance Française’s garden.
This French sculptor and her works travel around the world. In 2004 Val decided to leave France to settle in Asia. (more…)

Exhibition “Devata” by Sothea Thang

001.jpg-10 copy“Devata” is the continuation of Sothea Tang’s first sculptural series “Manu” (2015). “Manu” a word meaning humanity in Khmer, featured sculptures made of hemp, iron and steel in a representation of human development. Whereas “Manu” sought to embody humankind through earthen materials and anthropomorphic features, “Devata” progresses beyond such forms through greater focus on the beauty found in the divine. (more…)