Cours & séminaires

Improve your French skills to communicate with your partners and your clients!

Alliance Française Bangkok proposes courses tailored to answer your company’s needs.The courses can be taken on your workplace or Alliance Française Bangkok, at your convenience.
To improve simple and advanced French skills to work with colleagues and French-speaking customers.
Such as: diplomacy, international relations, French law, tourism, finance, medicine and any other needs for technical vocabulary in a large range of professional categories.
Short and specialized modules which allows to learn and to use communication skills and professional strategies in French. Such as: manage phone calls, welcome visitors, negotiate, write e-mails and reports, make presentations, participate in a active and effective way in professional meetings.
The most important things of the French culture to know for the daily and professional life. The intercultural French-Thai communication in the company.

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Diplomas & certifications

The DELF Pro (Order of 10 July 2009) is the professional version of the DELF national qualifications in French as a Foreign Language, administered by the French Ministry of Education. The DELF Pro is designed for candidates seeking initial employment opportunities or promotion within a French-speaking work environment. All candidates are welcome to apply, whether in initial training or continuing education. The DELF Pro assesses the communication skills needed for all aspects of professional life today. The examination topics are based on the world of work. Alliance Française Bangkok is a examination center for DELF PRO. We also propose preparatory training courses to prepare you for certifications.

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