Initiate yourself to the fashion industry and discover step by step all the stages of creation: design, pattern making, draping, sewing, and even fashion shows!



Learn to sew with a sewing machine in a simple and enjoyable way. Through various projects, you will learn machine sewing step by step.

You will start by practicing basic skills such as straight seams and creating simple items like tablecloths and curtains. As you progress through the classes, you will become more comfortable with the machine and tackle more complex projects such as tunics and skirts, applying different sewing techniques along the way.



Learn and develop multiple skills in the professional fashion industry such as how to create silhouettes and sketches, understand color theories, and analyze fashion presentations. Our teacher will help you sharpen your artistic sense and creativity, motivating you to create your own personal collection.

The field of fashion styling encompasses various aspects of fashion, including drawing, illustration, textile design, and the fashion design process. (2 levels)



Learn the techniques of pattern making, cutting, and assembling from basic to highly elaborate patterns (techniques used in the production of French luxury products).

Study straight skirts, flared skirts, eight-panel skirts, shirts, pants, dresses, and tailored jackets. Learn how to install zippers, pockets, and belts. Construct tailored sleeves and master bias binding techniques. (2 levels)



Study the techniques and different stages of draping, the complete assembly of patterns and various garment parts (skirts, dresses, blouses).



Detailed instruction on all cutting techniques, from basic to Haute Couture. Study and development of various skirt and pants patterns, including belts, wide-leg styles, collars, blouses, T-shirts, sleeves, kimono with inserted gussets, tailored suits, dresses, bags, and jumpsuits.



Fashion drawing is essential to facilitate the expression of ideas in the work of fashion designers. This course is for practicing students in the first year to learn the fundamental fashion drawing and illustrating skills. 

You will learn topics such as figure drawing, drawing methods, posture and movement to fashion poses along with garments rendering. You will also practice creating images of textiles,
accessories and other textures. Achieve an original contemporary body of work, as well as being
better prepared for work in the fashion industry.