« Coming here is like visiting the Louvre! »

Looking for an entertaining cultural break and to discover artists from a different perspective?

So sit back, relax and open your eyes and ears. We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new video program: "La Pause Chit-Chat". A series of video interviews of Thai and international artists who reveal themselves in a short and original format.

Meet our very first guest, Golf, aka F.HERO, one of the most famous Thai rappers, followed by more than 3 million followers (1.7 million on Facebook and 1.3 million on Instagram).

We met him on the occasion of the release of his new song "Sad Movie" of which video clip is shot in a cinema that is reminiscent of Alliance Française Bangkok.

Sport, art, cinema, music, gastronomy… F.HERO takes La Pause Chit-Chat and answers our questions for your greatest pleasure!

You can also find at the end of the article his interview for the Entertainment Now program filmed at the auditorium of Alliance Française Bangkok, and his video clip "Sad Movie".

Discover the first video of La Pause Chit-Chat below:

We have transcribed the interview:

F.Hero : Hello here's F.Hero at Alliance Française Bangkok

F.Hero : I think of football, arts and hip-hop.

F.Hero : Appartement, Bonjour, Je t’aime.

F.Hero : No, never, but I would like to. In fact, we had already planned to go, but we couldn't because of COVID. We wanted to go to London and then to France.

F.Hero : I would like to go to Paris. I want to visit the Louvre.

F.Hero : To Luc Besson! Luc Besson is a director I like very much. He makes action movies, for example "Léon: The Professional", "Taxi", "Le Transporteur" and many others. There is also "Taken"! I really like Luc Besson's movies. I love martial arts, so I love watching Luc Besson's movies.

F.Hero : To French fries. I don't know if it's French.

Alliance : That's okay.

His assistant : Any suggestions ?

Alliance : In general, there are "croissant…"

F.Hero : Crêpes ! Yes, crêpes !
French fries are not a good answer?

Alliance : French fries are not French.

F.Hero : Oh !

F.Hero : I heard that the cinema is beautiful here, which is a good representation of the country of the Cannes festival, arts and cinema. And since my new song is called "Sad Movie", I wanted to do my press conference in a nice cinema. And I found that Alliance was just what I was looking for. Plus, as soon as we walk in, we see art. It's like being in the Louvre.

F.Hero : Je m’appelle F.HERO. Merci et au revoir. (My name is F.HERO. Thank you and goodbye.)

Discover his interview for Entertainment Now program, filmed on stage at Alliance Française Bangkok.


Discover his new song « Sad Movie ».

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