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Language center


If you are a complete beginner, you can register to A1.1 course via our website or by sending an e-mail at or by contacting us on Line. If you have already studied French in the past, a placement test at a cost of THB300  – THB600 is required to evaluate your level.

Terms & conditions

Alliance Française Bangkok offers a large range of courses from standard to intensive (from 1 to 4 days a week) , children (starting from 3 years old), teenagers and adults, private lessons etc…

Courses are available starting from 192.-THB / hour. For more information, we recommend you to refer here or contact us at or on Line

After each session, the main elements of the course and the homework will be available on the digital platform of the class to allow students to continue their learning independently.

In case of dropping out, the student can arrange a personalized remediation course with one of our teachers via the registration team of the Alliance (Tel: 02 670 4210-11-12 / Line).

No refund or credit notes will be arranged due to absence of the student unless the student provides a document in agreement with our Terms & Conditions.

In order to start an artistic or language course, all students need to purchase a student card at 500.-THB which will be valid for 12 months.

The student card will also grant privileged access to a wide range of social, educational and cultural activities, borrow books at our media library, access to “Culturethèque” as well as exclusive offers all year long with our partners around the city.

Moreover, before starting a language course,students need to purchase textbooks available at Carnets d’Asie bookstore or online.

You will be able to find samples of lessons that will allow you to appreciate the dynamics classes and the methods used via this link.

However, we do not offer free trial lessons and our team is nevertheless at your disposal to present more detail of pedagogy of the Alliance Française to you.

Levels / Contents

The communicative method used at the Alliance Française Bangkok involves a total immersion in French language from the very first levels.

This method aims to put students in a situation of everyday’s life communication and to allow them to have the necessary resources to understand and be understood (ex: greetings, order in the restaurant, ask for directions, etc.). The teacher can, sometimes, use English to explain certain points if necessary and the students can also ask questions in English as well if necessary, before gradually increase the use of French language only.

These are the different learning rhythms offered by Alliance Française Bangkok for the adult public according to the objectives of the learners (discovery, pleasure, study or professional project, immigration, marriage).

Extensive levels study 3 hours per week, semi-intensive levels 6 hours per week, intensive levels 12 hours per week.

Alliance Française Bangkok’s courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFRL) and are divided into 6 major levels, from beginner to very advanced: A1=>A2=>B1=>B2=>C1=>C2.

Level A1 “discovery” requires about 90 hours of learning and allows the learner to introduce themselves, talk about their close environment (family, work, places, daily life). For the other levels, we invite you to check this page.

Class description

Our adult class gather 12 students maximum for the A1.1 level, and 14 for the other ones.

No, courses are not recorded but the teachers provide students with the main elements of the course and the homework on the digital space of the class.

This in formation will be communicated by e-mail a few days before the starting date of your class. Teachers may vary from one session to another.

You need a textbook for online and onsite classes, and a computer, tablet or phone in order to connect with your class for online courses.

You can contact Carnets d’Asie bookstore (onsite/online/delivery available)

Phone: 02 670 42 80 / 02 670 42 82
Facebook : CarnetsdAsie.Bkk

Online classes

We invite you to visit our dedicated page for the operation of our virtual classes.


The diplomas of DELF (A1, A2, B1, B2) and DALF (C1, C2) cover the 6 CEFR levels and assess 4 skills (written comprehension, oral comprehension, written production, oral production).

We recommend that learners complete one of the 6 CEFR levels before registering for the corresponding DELF or DALF exam.

Our team is at your disposal to assist you in your registration (Tel : 02 670 42 11 / / Line)

The DELF-DALF and the TCF are two official exams recognized by the French public authorities to certify your level of French.

The choice of one or the other of these examinations depends on the objective of the candidate (studies, immigration, personal interest, application for nationality, etc.).

For the DELF and DALF, candidates select the level of their choice (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) and if they successfully pass the exam, will get a diploma valid for a lifetime.

For the French knowledge test, students can choose TCF Canada, TCF for Quebec, TCF for French nationality and TCF for public corresponding to their need. In comparison with the DELF, the TFC offers an assessment by skill chosen by the candidate which will provide an overall level at the end of the exam.

The level obtained and the TCF certificate are valid 2 years depending.

The choice of this examination therefore depends on your need and our team is at your disposal to advise you.  (Tel : 02 670 4211 – examen.bangkok@afthailande.orgLine or see our article dedicated to the comparison DELF-DALF vs. TCF)

It is the same diploma and the category will change based on the age of the candidate. The DELF offers two versions for young people, the DELF Prim which is aimed at children attending primary school, and the DELF Junior for teenagers attending secondary school. 

The DELF general public, junior and Prim diplomas are valid for life and can be used later in official procedures such as university registration, scholarship application, immigration procedure. (Tel : 02 670 4211 – – Lineon this page)

Alliance Française Bangkok offers 3 DELF-DALF sessions (all public and junior) per year in March, June and November.

Two prim sessions also take place in March and June. You can find here the timetable of the exams and the registration procedures.

Yes, a course completion certificate can be issued to you on request at the end of each session taken.

Student Card

All students of the Alliance Française de Bangkok must have their student card in order to follow the activities offered by the establishment.

In the amount of 500 THB Student, the card is valid for 12 months and allows access to our complete educational offers (language courses, art courses), borrow books for free at the media library and free access at Culturethèque, special discounts (up to 35%) for cultural events organized by Alliance Française, a discount of 100 THB per document on translation work 5% discount at the bookshop, Carnets d’Asie.

Sanitary Measures

Alliance Française Bangkok is a school and a cultural center recognized by the Ministry of Education of Thailand and we follow the rules and recommendations announced by the government – such as social distancing, mask wearing, hand washing, etc. – in order to offer the best protection to our students, visitors and staff.

Classrooms, Media Library, Auditorium and frequently used surfaces are cleaned regularly.


You can borrow up to 3 books and 2 movies upon presentation of your student/member card.

More information about the media library.


You can contact Carnets d’Asie bookstore (onsite/online/delivery available)

Phone: 02 670 42 80 / 02 670 42 82
Facebook : CarnetsdAsie.Bkk

Artistic courses and activities

Most of our artistic activities are offered in English as well as in French or Thai. However on rare occasions, some activities might be in French only.

Please refer to the description of the activitiy to find in which language(s) it will be presented.

We offer a large variety of artistic classes and workshops : dance ballet, hip-hop, fashion and design curriculum, art history, etc. You can find all the information here.

We offer activities for every age starting from 3 years old! Please refer to the description of each activity. 

Cultural events

Alliance Française Bangkok organises many events such as screenings, conferences, play, exhibitions, concerts… You can find the cultural programme here.

You can register to an event and buy a ticket on our website through the cultural agenda, by contacting us on the phone 02 670 42 31 (payment will be processed by bank transfer), or directly at Alliance Française Bangkok.

Tickets can also be purchased 30 minutes before a show directly at the entrance of the auditorium on the 3rd floor. As the number of places available is limited, we strongly encourage booking in advance, including the event on free access.

Alliance Francaise Bangkok members and students will have access to discounts and special offers upon presentation of their card.


In order to obtain the exact list of documents to be provided and translated as well as the exact procedure (e.g.: legalization of the document or not…), we invite you to contact directly and beforehand the concerned authority.

Yes, you can send your documents via email to, but if legalization of your documents (either by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the French Embassy) is required, you must bring or send the legalized photocopies to the Translation service

The translation for administrative documents takes 2-3 working days (the Translation Service is closed on Saturday-Sunday). For other types, please send your documents to for the duration and quotation.

Yes, but express translation is only available to administrative and certain types of documents and in consideration of the workload. The express translation could be done on the same day or for the next working day. An extra 50% will be charged for the express service.

Yes, our Translation Service is recognized by the French Embassy.

The translation rates vary by type of document. You can find the translation fees on Alliance Française’s website here. If your document is not on the list, please send it via email to for a quotation.

From Monday-Friday, 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

To pick up your documents on the estimated due date, you can come in person or send someone instead. However, the person commissioned must be able to provide us with your name or the name of the document so that we can process the return of the translated documents quickly. You can also choose to have the documents sent by mail at your expense.

You can submit your documents at Translation Service on its working days and during its working hours, without an appointment needed.

Once your translation request is confirmed, we will inform you of an appointment date to pick up your documents. You can then come on the date you have been given without the need for reconfirmation. However, if you are not able to come on the scheduled date and need to submit your copies for the translator’s signature, please contact us to arrange a later date.

The Translation service of Alliance Française Bangkok does not offer legalization of copies and translations for the moment, neither with the French Embassy nor with the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Therefore, we suggest you plan the legalization procedure separately from the translation service provided by the Alliance Française.

We can translate from French to English and vice versa for the following documents:

  1. Civil status documents to apply for the CCAM at the French Embassy, visa linked to the Thai work permit (e.g. Filipino, Bangladeshi birth certificate etc.)
  2. Diplomas, transcripts, work certificates for school and university enrolment, work permit application
  3. Other documents (It is the client’s responsibility to find out from the receiving authority whether it accepts translations made by us).

If you cannot find what you are looking for or need additional information, please contact the department concerned by your request.