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Our new online fashion course will introduce you to the fascinating universe of fashion and give you the keys to understand “the chic à la française”.

In this course, you will learn about the history of fashion and major French brands such as Chanel and Dior, explore where the industry trends come from and grasp the Do’s and Don’ts of dressing in style, all through online activities.

  • This class is taught in English and Thai.

Professor: Atthaphon PONGLAWHAPUN


You will get to learn how to sew with a sewing machine through various steps in this course to create different projects.

Starting from simple techniques: straight line sewing, tablecloth creation, curtain and many more, then you will get used to the machine and be able to develop your skills in order to create more complicated works such as tunic, skirts with diverse techniques

  • This class is taught in English and French.

Professor : Shirin GLENISSON

Compulsory supplies :

  • Sewing scissors (to cut fabrics)
  • Box of pins (and an electro magnet)
  • Sewing needles (different sizes)
  • French chalk (or a textile felt tip pen)
  • Tape measure and a flat ruler
  • Spools (different colors)
  • Thimble
  • Seam ripper
  • Buttons
  • Hooks
  • Paper sheets for patterns


Students learn and develop different skills in professional fashion design including: fashion figures creation, color theory, analysis of presentation.

Sharpen your artistic expression! Our teacher will encourage you to push your own creativity and style in order to realize a personal collection.

Fashion Design include a variety of fashion fields which are Fashion Drawing, Fashion Illustrations, Textile Design and Fashion Design Process.

  • This class is taught in English only.


Learning pattern making, cutting and assembly from basics to intricate models (techniques used to make French luxury models).

Skirts( pencil, A-line, dropped waist), inserting pockets, belts and fasteners, trousers or jeans (long, cropped, tight, straight leg), shirt models, ( straight, tapered) with different collars and sleeves. Bustier making, evening gowns (with sleeves or sleeveless, short or long).

  • This class is taught in French, in Thai and in English

Professor :

Compulsory supplies :

  • French curve
  • Scale ruler
  • White pattern grade paper
  • Colored carbon paper
  • 1 tracing wheel and colored chalks
  • One nb. 0.5 pencils and one eraser
  • Pens (black, red, and blue)
  • Writable adhesive tape
  • Fusible fabric (unwoven)
  • Centimeter measuring tape
  • Box round-headed pins
  • Sewing needles and beige thread
  • Pair fabric scissors
  • Pair paper scissors
  • Flat 1meter ruler
  • Calculator


Study of draping techniques, assembly of canvas pieces for a complete pattern and the parts of a garment (dresses, skirts and blouses).

  • This class is taught in French, in Thai and in English.

Professor : Danai OON-ANANT

Compulsory supplies :

  • Tailoring canvas
  • Thermocollant
  • Measure tape
  • Sewing needle and white, red and black thread
  • Black bolduc ribbon (Cotton)
  • Roller and dressmaker colored chalk
  • A box of pins (headless color)
  • A pair of scissors to the fabric
  • French curve and scale ruler
  • Pencil and eraser
  • A seam ripper
  • Dressmaker’s form (Purchase at Alliance française : 4,000 baht)


Detailed teaching of all cutting techniques, from basic to Haute-Couture. Study and development of several skirt models, culottes, trousers and shorts. Study and development of several models of coats, capes, dresses (draped, evening wear, bridal) with collars, corseting and built-in bras.

  • This class is taught in French, in Thai and in English.

Professor : Danai OON-ANANT

Compulsory supplies :

  • White patternmaking grade paper
  • Pencil, Color pencil and eraser
  • Scale ruler
  • One pair of scissors to the fabric
  • Knife sharpener roller
  • Carbon paper
  • Pins and sewing needles and thread
  • Tape measure
  • Scotch Tape
  • UHU glue stick

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