Discover three main events that took place at the Alliance Française Bangkok in late 2023:

  1. Living and Working in Thailand fair
  2. Closure of the France-Thailand Innovation Year
  3. Franco-Thai Meeting

Living and Working in Thailand fair

For the first time, on Saturday, September 23, the Alliance Française of Bangkok organized an expo specifically designed for French individuals and francophones residing in Thailand. The event aimed to introduce them to the array of services available to facilitate their settlement and daily life in the Kingdom of Siam.

In collaboration with the French Embassy in Thailand, the Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur, the Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce, and several other organizations, the fair attracted nearly 200 visitors throughout the day. It provided a platform to explore various themes such as education, healthcare, conditions of stay and work in the country, and local community life.

Spread across three floors of the building, multiple booths allowed visitors to engage with partners who presented their services in the spirit of "French life in Bangkok." These included schools and family-related services, cultural centers, hospitals and health insurance providers, recruitment agencies, and more. Throughout the day, a series of four conferences were conducted, accessible both online in real-time and on replay via Alliance Française Bangkok's YouTube channel. This feature enabled francophones who couldn't attend in person to access the information presented during the event.

The conferences covered the following topics:

  1. Conference 1 – Economic Roundtable presented by the Conseillers du Commerce extérieur: Overview of economic prospects in Thailand, job sectors, and industry insights.
  2. Conference 2 – Education and Culture: Presentation of the Thai educational system and AEFE, scholarships, and Francophone cultural associations.
  3. Conference 3 – Living in Thailand: Overview of stay conditions in the country (Thai immigration office) and civil status procedures (loss of documents, renewal, voting, social affairs, etc. by the French Embassy).
  4. Conference 4 – Health and Welfare: Addressing health-related queries, insurance, hospitals, and charitable initiatives.

Watch the conferences organized during this day on  our Youtube channel.

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Closing event of the Franco-Thai Year Of Innovation

The Franco-Thai Year Of Innovation

ended on a high note with the "Vivez l'Innovation" event on Saturday November 25 at the Alliance Française de Bangkok, in the presence of personalities such as the French Ambassador, Mr. Jean-Claude Poinboeuf, and the Vice-Governor of Bangkok. This initiative stems from a roadmap signed in February 2022 by the two foreign ministers, aiming to elevate the bilateral Franco-Thai relationship to a strategic partnership by 2024.

The France-Thailand Year of Innovation 2023 was marked by several events focusing on the themes of health, well-being, healthy eating, air and space, the environment, and the creative and cultural industries. Three key objectives guided this special year: to stimulate exchanges between the two countries' innovation ecosystems, to create synergy between players fostering a research-enterprise-startup continuum, and to promote the attractiveness of both countries as innovative ecosystems.

During the day, which brought together some 300 people, visitors attended a musical and visual show on 100 years of Franco-Thai innovation, explored the Innovation Village, took part in numerous activities combining science, technology and creative workshops, sampled surprising dishes at lunchtime in the Alliance's café restaurant, played a giant quiz in the auditorium for a chance to win magnificent prizes including a return flight for two to France and tickets to attend the Olympic Games.

Discover the photos of the event.

Franco-thaï Rendez-vous

On Saturday, December 9, the second edition of 'Rendez-vous Franco-Thaï' took place, following the success of the first edition on July 8, 2023. This new event concept was introduced with the aim of uniting our student community around the French language and Alliance values, such as sharing, cultural diversity, and conviviality.

The two events combined brought together nearly 250 students, AF members, Francophones, and Francophiles from around the world. They gathered to connect, converse, and forge new friendships through the French language in a warm and friendly atmosphere, enjoying entertainment, games, and gastronomy. The enthusiasm, laughter, and joy of the participants animated the Alliance Française hall and café-restaurant.

We're delighted that these events brought so many people together, fostering cultural diversity and friendship. We are considering continuing this approach by further developing the concept in 2024.

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