Alliance Française Bangkok is looking for its new Fashion design process instructor

Starting in January 2021

The instructor must be a fashion professional passionate about his profession and willing to share with students the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge about fashion.

• The instructor must speak Thai and English fluently.
• He/She would teach on Saturdays.

Fashion design process (30 hours in total)
This course is an introduction to the fashion design process with tailored projects for individual interests. The students will be exposed to fundamental skills that are essential in the fashion business, starting from finding inspirations, doing research, building a collection, to presenting a collection. This course is aimed to build up skills and confidence, as well as prepare each student for future career in fashion industry.

Week 1: “What are trends & genres in fashion?”
Week 2: “Where to start in fashion design?”
Week 3: “How do colours work in fashion?”
Week 4: “What is a mood board and how to create it?”
Week 5: “What are the materials in fashion?”
Week 6: “How to process a project professionally?”
Week 7: Material research & Idea about collections (1)
Week 8: Material research & Idea about collections (2)
Week 9: “How to create your own mini-collection?”
Week 10: Final presentation

How to apply

Please send your resume and a cover letter before January 4th to Sylvain Bano, Alliance Française’s Director at:, and copy Valérie Morvan, Alliance Française’s Deputy Director at: