fr31From June 9th to 23th, in partnership with  HCTC, Alliance Française Bangkok presented the photographic work of Timothy Sirota, about the Thai-Myanmar border, 10 years of media production: films on landmines, trafficking elephants to satiate tourist demand, advocacy films on the right of refugees to know what their future might hold, maternal health films guiding mountain people towards better medical practice and away from traditions like inducing birth with bamboo poles. Films on Burmese migrant education and abandoned children at the SAW orphanage, Prix 3 recognition for reportage photojournalism on the abuse of children’s and the dark world of bareknuckle kickboxing.

On the border, yes, a myriad issues demanding media attention but the real challenge is finding solutions.
Sometimes a solution is as simple as teaching a professional skill that is in demand. Hospitality is a flourishing industry in Thailand and HCTC trains new generations of chefs and tourism staff. And this, quite simply, provides real opportunities to the young adults of the Thai-Myanmar border..