Specialized French Courses

French professional oriented Courses

These courses give students the opportunity to strengthen language skills in specific areas

French for cuisine - 20 hours

Get a chance to learn about French cuisine, its history, gastronomy, great recipes while at the same time improving your French.

French for Fashion - 20 hours

Get a chance to learn about French Fashion, its history, its trends while at the same time improving your French.

French for business - 20 hours

Improve your comprehension skills and expand your lexical knowledge of French for secretarial, sales, professional, negotiation and marketing environments.

French for hospitality industry and tourism - 20 hours

Improve your language skills in a given area of expertise through an enhanced teaching of specialized vocabulary to welcome International guests.

French Linguistic workshops

A class for each situation

Grammar is easy! - 20 hours

Brush-up your grammar and reinforce key grammatical structures through various contextualized written and oral activities.

Phonetic corrective workshop - 10 hours

You will practice sounds, sentence, rhythm and intonation, through various efficient activities including songs and role-play.

Bla bla bla - 20 hours

Get a chance to express yourself and to exchange ideas about various topics. Practice vocabulary in theme conversation and develop your skills through role-playing.

Text in French ! - 20 hours

This workshop will enable you to share on blog or though digital media your writing in French.

Press small talk - 20 hours

Come, read and share on cultural and social topics based on magazines and newspapers articles. A fun way to reinforce your reading and conversational skills.

Stay connected with TV5 - 20 hours

The world is your oyster with TV5 Monde! A refreshingly new way to drill your grammar, enrich your vocabulary and improve your listening skills while discovering the French speaking world.

The art of writing - 20 hours

How to master discursive techniques and become a good writer in French while reinforcing and improving your skills.

French cultural & linguistic integration packages

Be ready for Uni! - 20 hours

Before starting your studies in France, put all the odds on your side with the intensive course that will initiate you into the technical academic works that you will have to deal with at University such as writing notes, synthesis, presentations and essays. (DELF B2)

Intercultural discovery - 10 hours

Get to know one another, discover each others’ culture, country, specific behavior and language to prepare your arrival in France or in Thailand in the best possible way.

French at your fingertips ! - 10 hours

Before traveling to France, learn enough French to build confidence for basic interactions with French speakers such as: ordering meals, asking directions, etc.

Understand French through English - 2 sessions of 20 hours

An original, quick and efficient way to understand documents in French through your knowledge of English.