caliligrammes apollinaire

Invented by Guillaume Apollinaire in 1918, a calligram is a poem whose verses are arranged to form a drawing related to the poem.

These graphic poems are a great way to improve your spelling, grammar and vocabulary. The calligrams offer a learning of the French language in a fun and creative way.

An art that develops your creativity

The term calligram was invented by Guillaume Apollinaire, but the drawings-poems exist since ancient Greece. It’s a very creative way to learn French through:

  1. Calligraphy because the design of letters influences the final work
  2. Poetry, which gives the calligram a particular rhythm.
  3. The ambigram. This discipline consists in playing between the drawing and the text to give a double meaning to the calligram.


As part of the Fête de la Francophonie, Alliance Française Bangkok is organizing a calligram contest, free and open to anyone over 12 years old living in Thailand.

Participate whether you area fluent  French speaker or not, to experience this art and practice your French. Your calligram will be posted at the Alliance Française mediateque and the winners will receive membership cards and discounts on the courses.

To participate, send your calligramme to this address before March 5th:

Find more information here …

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